I’ve been feeling a creeping dissatisfaction of late, a feeling of restlessness, a nostalgia for something that I’m not quite sure existed any where but in my memory.  I miss a (perceived) community that seems to have been squeezed out.  We are now supposedly more networked than ever, yet I feel an emptiness in this and that something, somewhere has been lost.  Not that I’m not thankful for the internet, I am, it’s a boon in so many ways, but I miss the ‘earlier’ days where bulletin boards and blogs were the order of the day. I felt I got to ‘know’ people more.  I’m considering leaving FB, carving out a bit more time in the week to get back to blog reading and ‘talking’ to people on a more one-to-one basis.  I’ve even been turning over the idea of a letter-writing (snail mail) circle over and over I  my mind…

In the meantime I’m reading about food and gardening (always favourite things). Mark Diacono is currently my new favourite person – although I now have about five double A4 pages written up full of plants I want in the garden (bearing in mind that, at the moment, I can barely snatch ten minutes out there).  And, of course, the wonderful Nourished Kitchen, inspiring my meal planning.  Also a more unusual hearkening  back to a past interest in anthroposophy in “Machines and the Human Spirit” (maybe more than a little inspired by my recent feelings towards social media).

Inspired by Spiralling the Seasons, I’m knitting a ball for Arty (who wants to chew everything that he can).

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A New Slouchy Hat for Nin

Moo needed a new hat as her old one was getting a little small.  I made her a slouchy beret thing (Rav link here) which should last her for some time.  She would like a flower adding and it’s knitted up, so that’s on the list of things to do when I get a minute.

On the needles is a simple spring cardigan for Minnie – which due to making all sorts of errors when I was ill last week (no idea what my brain was doing, but it must have been temporarily seeping out with all the snot…) I had to frog back and restart.

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Cabled cardigan for bump

With an impending arrival on the way, I’ve begun to do a bit of knitting in preparation.  This is a fairly simple cabled cardigan from a Sirdar pattern booklet I’ve had since Nin was a toddler (Ravelry link) – some lovely basic patterns in it – and something I’ve not passed on because it’s useful to turn back to again and again.


I’ve a couple of more pieces to make for him, but in the meantime I’ve also cast on an Incognito cowl for Ted and have pretty much finished a beret for Nin (just need to sew the flower embellishment on).  Also on the needles is a cardigan for Stinkers.

Not so much of the keeping calm this week, but crafting on regardless!

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The Philosopher's Wife

Quiet days


The weather outside is stormy, with snow showers threatened.  Moo has gone rollerskating with friends.  What better things to do on an afternoon tucked up inside away from the rains, than finishing off crochet blankets (sewing in ends – not my favourite job, but a necessary one) and getting organised food-wise (because with a baby on the way I’m trying to get back into the rhythm of menu planning in an effort to ensure we avoid some of the last minute, “I’m exhausted and can’t bear to stand in the kitchen without being sick” moments that are inevitable when you’re heavily pregnant).

A good source of ideas (and reading on nutrition) are Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, Wholefood for Children and Coming Home to Eat: Wholefood for the Family, both by Jude Blereau.  All are great references for back to basics/cook from scratch recipes and I’d love to treat myself to a few more books from these authors when I get the chance!

Joining in with Ginny from the lovely Small Things blog in her Yarnalong and Nicole’s Frontier Dreams’ Keep Calm and Craft On (both for what seems like the first time in ages!)  Both are blogs that I have now followed for years and are a wonderful read!

Slow Living :: December 2014

I’ll admit that I’m not a ‘winter person’ – likely a candidate for a lightbox and a steady supply of D3 supplement, I tend to shut down as mid winter approaches.


So rather quiet as a result.  Mostly hiding away.


Fudge for gifts (‘blinged’ by Nin); gluten free mushroom and caramelised onion tart for a Solstice celebration followed by homemade fudge icecream; and a gluten free lemon and almond tart for a Christmas dessert (we actually had turkey for a change as a main).


I’ve been on a bit of a crochet thing and am on to the second blanket (Stinkers eagerly helping), plus snowflakes destined to eventually be part of our seasonal decorations.


December is always a quiet month.  Where many are particularly festive, I’ve found that difficult this year and have retreated back somewhat, giving some serious thought into what I want this time of year to mean and feeling very pushed and pulled from external sources for it to be something I don’t want.  It’s very hard to find balance when you feel that other people are yanking on the arms of your scales.