Ayni Paleo Chocolate Moustaches

We were recently treated to some delicious paleo chocolate moustaches from the fabulous Ayni, (Creatively Paleo).




As if that wasn’t fun enough, moustaches come in four flavours: Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Orange Chocolate and the exciting sounding Spicy Chilli Chocolate!

Tastiness and obvious fun-making potential aside, Ayni chocolates are even more fantastic because all of their chocolates are made from raw organic cacao and are dairy, soy and grain free (therefore gluten free) making them perfect for people with an allergy to many of the constituents of regular chocolate and for those who would wish to avoid these foods from their diet.

And there’s MORE! It can be a tad guilt-inducing at times that children with allergies or particular dietary requirements can be limited in ‘fun’ chocolate choices, but not with Ayni chocolate – as well as their more ‘grown-up’ range, they also make double decker buses and some wonderful chocolate buttons!


So kids – young and old – can have fun with their chocolate!

Why not pop over to their site and have a look for yourself?

Ayni - Creatively Paleo Chocolate

Thank you to Ayni Chocolate for sending us 5 (one each) moustaches to taste and review – they were really well received and we’ll definitely be back to order more!


A comment that really warmed my heart.

I’ve been having a mooch through the various blogs I have listed in the sidebar (and sorting out RSS feeds, now that I understand what they actually are for) and I came across this comment on Storybook Woods (whose blog was recently featured in a magazine), the comment is about her blog being in the magazine:

“What is really so special about all this to me, is I now have something tangible for my girls (and hopefully their children) to know how important they are to me and what an honor it has been to make a home for them.”

This really touched me.  In a society that so often under-rates the homemaker (housewife or househusband) and the ‘domestic arts’ (as Jane Brockett calls them) it’s so good to see a comment like this.  Whether you stay-at-home or work outside of the home, it is important to remember that it *is* an honour to be able to make a warm, inviting home for your children and it’s so good to read that simple, but very true affirmation.

Oooooh, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy 😀