A comment that really warmed my heart.

I’ve been having a mooch through the various blogs I have listed in the sidebar (and sorting out RSS feeds, now that I understand what they actually are for) and I came across this comment on Storybook Woods (whose blog was recently featured in a magazine), the comment is about her blog being in the magazine:

“What is really so special about all this to me, is I now have something tangible for my girls (and hopefully their children) to know how important they are to me and what an honor it has been to make a home for them.”

This really touched me.  In a society that so often under-rates the homemaker (housewife or househusband) and the ‘domestic arts’ (as Jane Brockett calls them) it’s so good to see a comment like this.  Whether you stay-at-home or work outside of the home, it is important to remember that it *is* an honour to be able to make a warm, inviting home for your children and it’s so good to read that simple, but very true affirmation.

Oooooh, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy 😀


One thought on “A comment that really warmed my heart.

  1. Ackers says:

    I get so glisteny eyed when I think about the children no longer being at home. Ok I do rant and rave when they don’t get dressed in time for school or when the house looks like several bombs have hit it but compared to so many others I am totally and utterly blessed to have three small people in my charge and I’m so grateful to have them in my life. I am so aware of how very quickly their childhoods will pass.


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