This week I have been grateful for:

  • a friend giving me a lift to a crafting group and a lovely morning spent chatting (without the awful anxiety that often accompanies meeting groups of people)
  • a gift of celeriac, land cress, kale and chrysanthemum – giving me the opportunity to cook with the latter for the first time
  • a gift of poached egg plants and some jasmine to plant – I look forward to seeing them flower
  • my mum sending me some rhus tox and ruta (cream and pillules) to try to combat the tennis elbow (that’s been causing a lot of pain over the past few months) – hoping it helps!
  • my lovely partner having two weeks off so that we can spend some time together – so good that he doesn’t have to get up at awful times in the morning (1 or 2 am) to go to work
  • Freecycle: picking up 2 compost bins and some bricks for the garden and rehoming a broken vacuum cleaner
  • getting into the cupboards and having a good sort and clear out.
  • the lovely weather today – a sniff of spring to come? An Imbolc blessing, perhaps?
  • said lovely partner being able to get lots of work done clearing the rubble, etc, from the back garden and finishing the beds to settle for planting in a few months – the garden is finally starting to look as if it’s going places!

I’ve likely forgotten something and will probably have a light-bulb moment at some silly time of night – but certainly feeling much better than a couple of weeks ago (another reason to be grateful!)  Sometimes I just need a little reminding…

Joining in with Taryn from Wooly Moss Roots for Gratitude*Sunday

Gratitude Sunday


A catch up

I’m still feeling rather ‘bleurgh’ – headaches and sickness and fatigue and I’m fighting the urge to basically whinge and moan about this instead!  The blog is looking rather sparse and lacking, so I will try and get it updated (scanner isn’t talking to the laptop, which is a bit of an issue for scanning in MLB pages that Nin has done.)

In the meantime, however, we have had things happening.  Nin was 8 just over a week ago.  In the morning we went for an activity morning with the Forestry Commission Ranger at Bentley Woods, where we followed a spooky trail, then had a relay to get pieces to build a skeleton.

It spent the entire morning raining and it was only myself and two friends and their children that turned up (it was a public activity – but I guess some people don’t really do rain…)  The only other people to be seen were a small group of cheery hikers who stopped to chat (pleased to see children out and about in all weathers: “It’s good for them!”) and a boy with his horse and buggy doing laps.

We made clay sculptures in the rain.
It was rather cold, but certainly no danger of the clay drying out!
Nin and Ted made heads on sticks:
Nin had a small get-together in the afternoon, but unfortunately my camera is working, so I’m stuck with only taking photos on my mobile and well, my mobile doesn’t have a flash, so once it starts getting darker, I struggle to take photos.  It was a little challenging having more than a few children in such a small space (although there was only 7 children invited), but they all enjoyed themselves 🙂

What is it about 2 years olds

That makes them think it’s a good idea to deposit half-eaten pears in people’s gardening shoes?

Yes, it went squidge – yuck!

It’s my birthday today – just another year until I’m 30. I took Ted for his photo session. I won a free photo (yes I know it’s all part of a promotion to get me to buy loads of photos, but then I wanted some of Ted anyway and at some point need to get one of the children together, so actually it’s quite welcome). Ted was a star, smiling enthusiastically and burbling away at the photographer – I can’t wait to go and see the proofs next week! It was a lovely birthday present just to go along and watch him laughing 🙂

Erk’s gone back to school, rather unenthusiastically as it turns out school isn’t quite as fantastic as he thought it might be…

I’m planning to go and visit my brother in Brighton in the summer (not been to Brighton before) so am feeling rather enthusiastic about that and apart from that everything’s plodding along.

I’ve been slowly cutting out dairy again and hoping it might help my skin out a bit – also on the cards in wheat etc., but I need to look at the logistics of managing that and not eating meat as well. This was the problem a couple of years ago and I came across someone who is vegan and also gluten-free but unfortunately they didn’t answer my questions about the hows etc. I don’t want to have lots of supplements, I’m not a fan of pill-popping, rather I think people should get the vits etc. they need from the food they eat. I’m off for a blood test when I get a spare min as doctor thinks I might be low on B vits – lots of ulcers etc. in my mouth (plus itchy mouth etc.) which could be a sign of candida apparently – basically my diet needs a complete overhaul and I really MUST lose some weight (because whilst I’m not exactly a vain person, I’ve put on a lot of weight whilst pg with Nin that just hasn’t shifted and the extra weight makes me feel so heavy and tired – which is not a good thing – I’m a size 18/20, rather than the 12/14 at which I feel healthy and haven’t been for 2 years).

Time to get really strict about the number of cakes I’ve been eating!