meI’m Nikki, lover of herbs, being in the garden and making things from what I grow there.  My love of plants and their healing properties led me to become a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor and I offer advice and demonstrations on the wonderful range of products from Weleda.

At home my menagerie includes various chickens: Rhode Island Red, Light Sussex, Wyandotte, Silkie, Pekins, Cream Legbar, Bluebell, Rhode Rock/Black Rock and an ageing Light Sussex bantam hybrid; golden, white and pharoah Cortunix quail; a very pretty lop-eared rabbit; rescued lurcher and four children (with a further two older children having left home).

Based in Yorkshire, England, there isn’t heaps of space to be had, but we’re working on creating a productive, predominantly perennial garden in a space roughly 6x10m (plus side alley).  We are also new caretakers of a neglected allotment (the weeds were taller than me in places!) that we have begun to chop back – hopefully we can begin planting in earnest in 2017!


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