Nature’s Day


We had a surprise package through the post.  Imagine our joy when we opened it (bemused as to what it could be) and discovered this beautiful book inside!  We had been sent it by Wide Eyed Editions to review. As this blog and my coffee-come-nature table (also in the photo above) attests, we love to get out and about learning about the nature that surrounds us, so this was a great choice of book to send us!

Nature’s Day is a children’s non-fiction book and it takes you on a journey through the seasons of the year based on eight different locations: the garden; the veg patch; the woods; the farm; the fields; the pond; the orchard and the street.  Each season sees a visit back to each location to see what is happening and what one might see there at that time of year.

The book is recommended for readers of 5+ years, but is also very approachable for younger children – Minnie (3yrs) had particular fun picking out the various animals and plants she recognised and asking what the other ones were.  Even Arty was attracted by the bright and colourful illustrations (as you can see from below).

Part of Wide Eyed Edition’s ‘blurb’ for themselves is that they:

Believe that books should encourage curiosity about the world we live in, inspiring readers to set out on their own journey of discovery.

And this book did that.  Reading it had Minnie out into the garden checking that we had some of the vegetables in the book.  She didn’t believe that we had a courgette plant until I pointed it out to her in a sunny corner, complete with yellow flowers as the book promised!    It certainly acted as a young child-accessible springboard for further investigation and I can see it being used again and again for ideas on what to look for when we’re out and about on our walks.

Judging by the quality of this book and the ensuing enjoyment, we’ll certainly be looking out for more Wide Eyed Editions books in the future (there are some lovely-looking ones on their website).

Useful Information:

  • Title: Nature’s Day
  • Author: Kay Maguire
  • Illustrator: Danielle Kroll
  • Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions
  • ISBN: 978-1-84780-608-6
  • Recommended for readers 5+ years

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Ayni Paleo Chocolate Moustaches

We were recently treated to some delicious paleo chocolate moustaches from the fabulous Ayni, (Creatively Paleo).




As if that wasn’t fun enough, moustaches come in four flavours: Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Orange Chocolate and the exciting sounding Spicy Chilli Chocolate!

Tastiness and obvious fun-making potential aside, Ayni chocolates are even more fantastic because all of their chocolates are made from raw organic cacao and are dairy, soy and grain free (therefore gluten free) making them perfect for people with an allergy to many of the constituents of regular chocolate and for those who would wish to avoid these foods from their diet.

And there’s MORE! It can be a tad guilt-inducing at times that children with allergies or particular dietary requirements can be limited in ‘fun’ chocolate choices, but not with Ayni chocolate – as well as their more ‘grown-up’ range, they also make double decker buses and some wonderful chocolate buttons!


So kids – young and old – can have fun with their chocolate!

Why not pop over to their site and have a look for yourself?

Ayni - Creatively Paleo Chocolate

Thank you to Ayni Chocolate for sending us 5 (one each) moustaches to taste and review – they were really well received and we’ll definitely be back to order more!

TEND magazine

TEND magazine 1st cover

TEND magazine is a new quarterly e-zine that:

… hopes to nourish the head, the hands and the heart – by providing articles for our intellect, projects to keep our hands busy, and moreover beautiful, aspirational things to inspire our hearts.


Tend aims to nurture the bond between a parent and their child, between families and the earth, and between individual households to form communities, recognising and nourishing our natural dispositions to care for and educate our families and communities in the ways that seem right to us. We aim to stir an awakening for the need to slow down, consume less and walk gently on the earth.


We aim to be aspirational and utterly beautiful and design-led. We like to grow some of our own food, support local farmers, eat as much healthy organic produce as we realistically can, gather with friends to enjoy home-cooked meals and to enjoy the bond of community.


We encourage the need to consume less and make more, to envisage homesteading and sustainable living as realistic aspirations. We seek to encourage everyone to walk in tune with the seasons and nurture and nourish an authentically mindful life full of mindful choices.

Bearing in mind the hopes that the magazine has, I was really looking forward to having the chance to read it.  I had plans. These plans involved sleeping children; a glass of wine; maybe some nibbles…

However, back in the real world, this didn’t quite happen and eventually I had to face facts and snatch moments to read, savour and enjoy when I could (this is why I don’t do much in the way of things like the Yarnalong – I may knit and crochet, but read? I rarely seem to have the peace and quiet to truly concentrate – and yes, this is also the reason my blog is rather light on the word front!)  So, as ever, I’m a little late to the party, a little behind ‘the crowd’…

Anyway, back to TEND. I had been aware of rumblings.  I’ve followed the rather wonderful Debbie at My So Called Life {and Other Lies} for very many (*cough*) years now and more recently had seen tantalising glimpses of a nascent project; something bubbling up in the background…

Naturally I was intrigued and, when the result of these bubblings, that little seed that Debbie must’ve planted – first in her dreams and then in the dreams of others – finally pushed out through into the sunlight and blossomed, I was excited. Excited because I know I share something with all the people involved: a desire to be mindful; to ‘nourish the head, hands and heart’; essentially to aspire to a more slow and gentle way of life.

Embroidered Great Tit

wooden toysPerhaps fittingly, then, this first issue is called the ‘seed’ issue and this forms a theme that runs through the 198 pages, offering up various interesting articles, but also activities, centred around these magical gifts of life.  In addition there are further articles; knitting, sewing and other crafting; gardening; games; recipes (for eating and for healing); news and events; a giveaway; further family activities; and some beautiful and inspiring photos.  

All this for £4.75 quarterly – that’s packing a lot of goodness and inspiration in for a fab price, I don’t think it’s possible to buy anything I’d enjoy as much for the equivalent £1.58 a month! 

Also, sign up for their free newsletter and there’s a lovely free bird embroidery pattern available.  

It takes quite a bit, these days, for me to sit down and spend time reading – yes, I know I could cut back on my Pinterest habit, but still… So, for me to actually sit down and read and enjoy, well, that’s something. And, d’you know what? It was lovely, really really lovely.  I think I need to take a tip from Laura Wingfield (TEND contributor) and “tend to [my own] soil” my creating a little bit of time and space for myself to enjoy reading TEND magazine.  I look forward to the next issue.

TEND issue 1 2014 OFFICIAL_page198_image160