Slow Living :: December 2014

I’ll admit that I’m not a ‘winter person’ – likely a candidate for a lightbox and a steady supply of D3 supplement, I tend to shut down as mid winter approaches.


So rather quiet as a result.  Mostly hiding away.


Fudge for gifts (‘blinged’ by Nin); gluten free mushroom and caramelised onion tart for a Solstice celebration followed by homemade fudge icecream; and a gluten free lemon and almond tart for a Christmas dessert (we actually had turkey for a change as a main).


I’ve been on a bit of a crochet thing and am on to the second blanket (Stinkers eagerly helping), plus snowflakes destined to eventually be part of our seasonal decorations.


December is always a quiet month.  Where many are particularly festive, I’ve found that difficult this year and have retreated back somewhat, giving some serious thought into what I want this time of year to mean and feeling very pushed and pulled from external sources for it to be something I don’t want.  It’s very hard to find balance when you feel that other people are yanking on the arms of your scales.


3 thoughts on “Slow Living :: December 2014

  1. Sarah says:

    I understand how you feel about trying to find balance during the holiday. I feel festive in the lead up, then it is here and it is TOO MUCH. Too many gifts mainly, and it is so hard to yank the focus away from that when kids are involved. We try to keep things very simple, but my kids have four sets of grandparents and lots of aunts and uncles. People want to be generous, but it all adds up to too much.


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