I’ve been feeling a creeping dissatisfaction of late, a feeling of restlessness, a nostalgia for something that I’m not quite sure existed any where but in my memory.  I miss a (perceived) community that seems to have been squeezed out.  We are now supposedly more networked than ever, yet I feel an emptiness in this and that something, somewhere has been lost.  Not that I’m not thankful for the internet, I am, it’s a boon in so many ways, but I miss the ‘earlier’ days where bulletin boards and blogs were the order of the day. I felt I got to ‘know’ people more.  I’m considering leaving FB, carving out a bit more time in the week to get back to blog reading and ‘talking’ to people on a more one-to-one basis.  I’ve even been turning over the idea of a letter-writing (snail mail) circle over and over I  my mind…

In the meantime I’m reading about food and gardening (always favourite things). Mark Diacono is currently my new favourite person – although I now have about five double A4 pages written up full of plants I want in the garden (bearing in mind that, at the moment, I can barely snatch ten minutes out there).  And, of course, the wonderful Nourished Kitchen, inspiring my meal planning.  Also a more unusual hearkening  back to a past interest in anthroposophy in “Machines and the Human Spirit” (maybe more than a little inspired by my recent feelings towards social media).

Inspired by Spiralling the Seasons, I’m knitting a ball for Arty (who wants to chew everything that he can).

Joining in with Nicole’s Keep Calm and Craft On and Ginny’s Yarnalong


18 thoughts on “Nostalgia

    • idesgarden says:

      Ah the telephone tree – I don’t miss that. I don’t know, it all seems like ‘likes’ and smiley emoticons. Of course I can choose to do differently…

      Problem is that I’m not the most naturally sociable person to begin with and I worry that should I leave FB (etc) that I’ll not have a clue what’s going on because everything seems to be organised on there now – and there is a part of me that is railing against that, but also against my own weaknesses because I find it all so distracting and can’t seem to pace myself.


  1. Kelly J. R. says:

    I’ll have to check out The Nourished Kitchen book. I see that my library has it. This week I’ve been cooking out of the Endless Summer cookbook. I made Kale pesto last night and it was wonderful. So nice to be able to make meals that come out of our garden.


    • idesgarden says:

      Do – there’s some great recipes in there!

      Pesto is wonderful for using all sorts of things, it’s a favourite here, although I’ve not made it with kale (much as I love it – but that might be because I can eat platefuls of kale in butter and garlic! 😀 )


  2. woolythymes says:

    I am so disconnected…no facebook (for all the reasons you listed)…hardly any news stations (they only report horrible things in the world and at home)…and television? have you found anything on it worth seeing in years? I guess that’s why I love the blog community….and my granddaughter, who seems to love getting snail mail as much as I do and writes faithfully.

    Is there really anything so wrong with simple, slow living? slow food. slow clothes….somehow that all makes it sound ‘trendy’, doesn’t it?


    • idesgarden says:

      I like ‘slow’ and as time goes by, more so. I didn’t have a TV for years, I’m not a big TV person, although there is the odd series I like. OH missed it, though.

      I find that in recent years it has become all too easy to just flit through posts on FB, hit ‘like’, but not really interact. I haven’t written a letter in years. My own failing, admittedly, but I’ve found it all too easy to fall into a more superficial way of being. The more I’ve slowed down, the more I’ve looked around at what else could be changed.


  3. Iris says:

    Ah, I know that feeling of longing for something that feels lost but is also quite indefinite…

    Those books look interesting. I love reading cookery books, although I rarely end up cooking any of the recipes – I tend to be more of a make-it-up kind of a cook but I do enjoy all the pretty pictures, lol!


  4. Betsy says:

    I live in the United States, am married with 4 children. We are a homeschooling family. I have recently gotten back into penpaling. I found your blog through the Small Things Yarn Along link-up. If you would like to exchange letters, please let me know.

    My email address is I am on Instagram at handwovendreams.


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