New Arrivals

It’s been an exciting September in Ides Garden.  Our silkie went broody and hatched out two Cream Legbar eggs (we’re hoping for blue eggs in the future) and we had a further surprise: one of our quail went broody (top right corner) and subsequently hatched a chick (seen as a little yellow ball under mum in the bottom right pic)!

As mentioned in my previous post about our quail, there appears to be a general belief in some quarters that Cortunix quail have had most of their “natural” behaviour bred out of them and that they, subsequently, won’t go broody (and if they do, they certainly won’t be able to care for any chicks).  Obviously further research showed more than a few people who, of course, had had quail successfully hatch and care for their young and we were thrilled when we discovered the little yellow quail chick peeking out from mum one sunny afternoon.  It is yet further confirmation that the quail are happy in their accommodation!


3 thoughts on “New Arrivals

  1. tarnegolita says:

    My quail regularly go broody, I’ve got one now! I definitely believe it’s about how comfortable they are in their surroundings. The little chicks are so sweet!! 💚


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