Slow Living :: May and June 2016


We finally bottled the blackcurrant wine.  This is our first attempt at making it and lets just say that siphoning off wine with a toddler present can be a rather stressful experience (he was soaked through from head to toe dabbling about in the sterilising bucket!)  We will have our first taste around Winter Solstice (when we should hopefully also have a range of homemade liqueurs to sample – I make some every year).


Our next door neighbour has an allotment and her rhubarb went into overdrive.  She gave us armfuls of the stuff (I stopped weighing at about 10kg and there was still quite a lot more!)  Aside from the obligatory rhubarb crumble and some rather lovely strawberry and rhubarb cordial, I also made some barbecue sauce.


I used a recipe I found online at:  Prim and Primal and it was really good!  I scaled it up and was glad I did – it’s certainly on the list to make again, in much larger quantities.

Rhubarb liqueur was another obvious choice and I’m considering a strawberry and rhubarb version.  I’m also planning on making some rhubarb wine (but have had to freeze the rhubarb for this purpose, pending getting some of the other ingredients needed).

As the weather improves I spend more and more time in the garden and feel less inclined to sit and type.  Slowly the garden is taking shape.  Still looking scrappy, but a long way from what it looked like when we moved in and even just a few months ago.


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