Garden :: April 2016


Not a huge amount to report for this past April, it has been such an up and down month!  We went from lovely sunshine that saw Arty exploring the garden on his own steam (now he’s crawling) to rain, sleet, snow and hail.

I had trialled some cardboard pots to grow seedlings in.  They were really hard to keep from either being bone dry or sodden. I’ve lost the tomatoes and sweet peppers I have sown and the beans are looking a bit ‘iffy’ and I think I will need to repot.  Apparently I’m not the only person who’s had issues: one friend stated that he’d found more use for them as fire-lighters and one of my neighbours saying they were terrible and she’d not use them again, amongst a few other negative reviews (so that was a little mollifying). I have, however, found the newspaper pot maker I thought I’d lost, so may trial that again as a means to avoiding copious amounts of plastic pots.

On the plus side, the hedgerow is now in.  It looks a tad ‘scrappy’ but, no doubt, will fill out the space in time.


It’s a mix of elder, hazel, blackthorn, crab apple, cherry plum, damson, wild pear and dog rose, but already there appears to be a rogue Japanese wineberry at the back and possibly a raspberry (or another wineberry) amongst them.  I’m really excited to see how it grows and fills the space in the future. The plan is to eventually add some hops and a Rosa Rugosa (hopefully “rubra”).

The small area in front has been seeded for grass (for the rabbits) and hopefully in a few months will look far more verdant than it does above!


Borlotto beans (Lingua del Fuoco) have been sown – there is quite some difference in colour between the beans left in the packet from last year and the beans saved from plants grown – but for the most part it’s been a quiet month with regard to sowing as I haven’t wanted to go over the top and be left with loads of seedlings that then didn’t have a space prepared to go to. Bearing in mind the amount of work the garden needs and us fitting it in between small children being settled, the weather, being around to actually do the work,  my partner’s recent back issues and that ever present concern: money – getting some of what we want to get done costs money that comes in trickles and we can only do a little bit at a time – the garden moves along at a rather frustrating slow crawl.

Hopefully it will soon be matching Arty’s growing confidence and move from crawling to toddling to walking to running!  I really look forward to seeing it filling out and coming into its own!


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