Chilly Days

Great Tits

The days have been chilly and at times rather grey – it seems that every time we try to get out and get some work done when J has time off work, the heavens opens and it pours with rain or snow (as I type droplets have started to patter on the conservatory roof).  There are planks waiting for painting to make into raised beds and J has made a start with the patio, all on hold for better weather.

But, every so often the sun breaks through and there is the promise of warmer weather to come.   We have moved currants and gooseberries from their temporary positions last year to their new temporary positions this year (yes, I know, not ideal for it to be a second temporary, but the addition of raised beds is a new thing based on some potential big changes that mean that raised beds now make more sense).  I also took a moment to take some further cuttings and pushed them into pots for potential new plants and also popped a cutting in a jar of water which has sprung roots – much to the children’s delight – so I think I shall now have to plant that one as well!

Moo has separated the various new springs of bay from their mother and most appear to be successfully rooting (a couple look a tad ropey, so I’m assuming if the others were in trouble, they’d look similar, but they don’t, they look fresh and green, so I’m taking that as a good sign).


The conservatory salad is doing well and Minnie has been doing a great job of watering them (she’s very pleased to see “her” plants grow!)  Our “Grow Your Own Potatoes” education pack arrived from The Potato Council and Minnie has set them to chit, ready to plant later this month. She’s very excited to watch how they get on (as one of them is for a special “what happens beneath the ground” example).




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