52 Weeks of Nature :: February 2016

Left: Mallard duck (female)/Right: Canada geese looking shifty

Left: Tufted ducks (female)/Right: unsure save for it’s a duck.

Left: Coot/Right: Moorhen

Left: Great Crested Grebe/Right: Little Grebe (winter plumage)

It’s been quite some time since I wrote a post about being out and about and observing the beautiful nature that surrounds us here.  Partly due to lack of mobility due to an injury to my knee and then my back (both much better now), but also due to shoddy weather (and without a decent rainproof coat that fits over my larger post-baby frame, I didn’t fancy getting very cold and very wet!)  I’ve also been without a mobile phone – that oft used and very easy way to snap a pic wherever you are – so have to remember to bring a camera (and then remember how to use said camera).

In a bid to shift the additional weight that has crept on, we made a decision to have a weekend “family walk” somewhere a little further afield than the immediate surroundings (as I’m a non-driver, any walking I do tends to be in and around the village) and so, steadily, we are getting out (unless it’s absolutely throwing it down).

The birds are all from a chilly walk around Lakeside, Doncaster.  We also saw cormorants, but I couldn’t get a decent picture from such a distance.  Throughout the year there’s always something to spot there, even though it is an urban location, surrounded by flats, a football stadium and offices.

Moo has also been busy with the camera, getting very low to the ground at Hatfield Moors (Thorne and Hatfield Moors Conservation Forum).  We still need to identify most of these, although the dried flower head is Self Heal (Prunella vulgaris).

Hopefully as the weather (and my strength) steadily improve I’ll be able to get back to being out more and more (roll on warmth and sunshine!)


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