Second Fermentation


We racked off the blackcurrant mixture into a demijohn for its second ferment.  I think we need to invest in one of those pump things, as siphoning it off with a tube was more challenging than I thought (and the tube kept blocking!)  In the end we strained it through a blanched muslin into a funnel directly into the demijohn.  No idea if it’ll work, but it was the only way I could think to rescue it.

There was quite a bit of liquid leftover, but not enough to fill a second demijohn, so I’ve left it to strain and am considering what might be done with it.  The currants themselves don’t taste particularly good, but the liquid is a bit mulled-winey in taste.  Blackcurrant vinegar? A fermented blackcurrant sorbet?

I’m thinking a blackcurrant sorbet, maybe with some added spices…


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