12 Months of Nature :: July Week 1

As more than a few of my posts here attest, we live close to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and, being annual pass holders, it’s somewhere that we visit a lot.  However, the Wildlife Park offers more than the expected ‘exotic’ species – open your eyes and there are various more well-known and recognisable flora and fauna to be found (and one day I’ll remember to bring our binoculars to have a good look out over the wetlands that border the park!) We often see rabbits, both on our walk to the park and within it and there’s plenty to see  in the wetlands surrounding the park (including moorhens and their chicks).   Various wildflowers can be seen, we found some black horehound (Ballota nigra) (?) in the hedgerow (and a ladybird instar).

Oh, and a Red River Hog. Not a British hog, but a favourite of mine at the park, so I’ve included him just because I can!


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