52 Weeks of Nature :: July Week 1

As more than a few of my posts here attest, we live close to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and, being annual pass holders, it’s somewhere that we visit a lot.  However, the Wildlife Park offers more than the expected ‘exotic’ species – open your eyes and there are various more well-known and recognisable flora and fauna to be found (and one day I’ll remember to bring our binoculars to have a good look out over the wetlands that border the park!)


We often see rabbits, both on our walk to the park and within it.


The children noticed a tiny little moorhen chick following its mother in and out of the reeds.

Black horehound (Ballota nigra) (?) in the hedgerow.


A ladybird instar – clearly not far off being an actual ladybird.

Oh, and a Red River Hog. Not a British hog, but a favourite of mine at the park, so I’ve included him just because I can!



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