DNweekeND 2015



Moo was attending DNweekeND as a ‘Young Leader’ (as a Sea Cadets Junior), so whilst she was busy, Ted, Minnie, Arty and I went for a walk around town to see what we could find.

Outside the Frenchgate centre we met Same Difference and their rather long periscope.  Ted had great fun aligning the periscope so that he could see from a different (much higher) perspective.  We also enjoyed street performances of juggling and fire eating from Beyond a Joke (one of whom we know from Moo’s art classes at The Point – very amusing for her to see one of her art teachers performing live in the street).

There was a climbing wall as part of the Young Leaders display (with the Army cadets) and Ted and Moo had a lot of fun climbing it.  Various bands played on the band stand and inside Cast theatre Minnie and Ted had the opportunity to contribute to a collage of a mermaid made from discarded wrappers with Bowler Hat Creatives (top photo).

We also enjoyed various other street performers and exhibits, including Dr D’Cleyre’s Imaginarium of Wonder, Wyrdness and Curious Tales (and a blog post from one of the artists is here) – and Ted is clearly a candidate for No Fit State Circus with his pole climbing skills (he was straight up with little problem!)  We had a fabulous time and are already looking forward to next year!



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