30 Days Wild :: Day 11


Every-so-often we detour from our more usual dog walking route and venture up a different lane, normally only as far as the rather convenient dog poo bin situated a little way up it. However, today we decided to walk further than the lane than we would usually do (something we haven’t done for quite some time – the last time I walked up there was a few years ago!)

There is a small accessible woods to one side of the road (the opposite has a number of “Private Property” signs). We enjoyed picking up fallen branches of cones – spruce perhaps? My tree identification isn’t particulary good and I have to admit, we’ve not taken the time to identify these yet (although they have been added to our nature table).

Mouseover photos for captions.

We saw various flowers, although I haven’t included them all here as the yellow of the buttercups was rather glary on my mobile phone!  The speedwells were lovely and we saw tiny one that I think is probably Thyme-leaved Speedwell (I need to check).  There were various white flowers to be found: White Bryony, White Campion, what I think is Stitchwort (need to check), Sweet Woodruff, Foxgloes and the unknown flower below (hairy, so maybe mouse-ear or similar?) Also a photo of some Foxgloves and a mallow with a bee in the collection above.

The swallows were swooping overhead and I managed to get a snap of one resting on a wire (I usually don’t have much luck getting a photo of any wild birds).


On the way home I gave my phone to Minnie (very soon 3!) to take some photos of a child’s-eye view of the world.  I particularly like the texture of the mud and would never have thought of taking such a photo.  Fascinating to see what caught her eye!

It was good to push a little further down the lane than we might normally walk and visit somewhere we haven’t been for a while.



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