30 Days Wild :: Day 6 :: Sea Cadet Regatta

The sun beat down for the local (South Yorkshire) Sea Cadet regatta between Doncaster, Thorne, Rotherham, Barnsley and Sheffield. It was held at Doncaster Sea Cadets on the River Don and in between races, we spent some time spotting some wildlife on the river.

A heron came to visit – we saw it fly in, but unfortunately I couldn’t get a photograph of the fantastic sight of a heron in flight.

There were also the obligatory gulls and ducks (with ducklings)

I can’t post much in the way of photos of actual races, as I don’t want to make anyone not too recognisable, so only a couple of ‘distance’ pics – with Moo rowing in the lead boat.

Doncaster did well on the day, the Junior Cadets winning all their races. Thorne won the bulk of older Cadet events, with Rotherham being successful in the powerboating.  It was lovely to be able to spend a day out on the riverside (although I did get a tad burnt).




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