30 Days Wild :: Day 4



A busy day, with a hospital appointment in the morning and then into the town centre to visit the museum and take Moo to her various afternoon classes.  Whilst there, we took the opportunity to explore the back of the buildings behind Bennetthorpe, by the building where Moo’s classes take place (The Point).  The back of these buildings is a tad abandoned (this car park is unused and cordoned off).

Just visible to the top right is the top of the gate that would have allowed cars through here from the main road.  I don’t think it’s been used for a while…  Various plants grow out of the concrete and walls, showing that plants will grow pretty much anywhere and even in towns and cities, there’s plenty to find!  The Yellow Corydalis (Pseudofumaria lutea) was a new flower for us, so that’s two new wildflowers that we’ve learnt the names of so far this week!  Why not join in with 30 Days Wild and challenge yourself to learn something new too?




3 thoughts on “30 Days Wild :: Day 4

  1. Jayne says:

    So true! There was a TV show I watched recently about how the world would look if there were no humans any more. And it did not take long at all for the plants to take over the concrete of the cities. Much nicer!


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