30 Days Wild :: Day 3


In the morning, whilst walking the dog, I gave the camera to Minnie (3 years old in a few weeks) to see what she could find.  Admittedly they were mostly blurry, but I rather liked her reflection photo.  We saw plenty of wildflowers and I’m still noting the elderflower and whether it’s ready to collect yet.  Amongst the usual daisies, dandelions, speedwell, shepherd’s purse, etc, we found some lovely flowering sorrel (right) and a plant I’ve seen before and fairly sure I’ve ID-ed before, but just can’t remember the name of.  When I get another spare moment, I’ll try and update with its name.

In the afternoon my eldest son and his girlfriend came over and we walked to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park (we live very close to it) for an afternoon’s wander.  It borders wetlands and there are some lovely views of the surrounding countryside to be seen from within its fences.


With some more indigenous wildlife (and more domestic) to be seen.

Every-so-often the white goose adjusted itself, but still kept to this rather odd position!

And of course plenty of the more exotic:

It was a lovely day, so many animals were dozing in the sun.  The meerkats were particularly amusing, growling over their hardboiled eggs, even though they each had one of their own!

We’re rather lucky having such a fantastic wildlife park within such close walking distance from the house!



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