30 Days Wild :: Day 1

Towards the end of May we signed up for 30 Days Wild with The Wildlife Trusts and today saw the start of the challenge.  As the skies rapidly greyed and the storm clouds rolled in, a challenge it certainly was (not least because having not long given birth – Arty is 5 weeks old today – I don’t have a waterproof coat that fits (much less one that goes over a sling and the sling is needed when walking through fields!). Still, I’d made a promise to get out and about every day this month, so once we got back home, I had my first foray out in a while to walk the dog.

Even though the wind was rather strong and whipped my coat quite a bit, it was good to get out into fresh air again.  The elder flowers are pretty much ready to be picked (elderflower cordial making needs to happen soon), so that is a plan for a sunnier day.  I noted forget-me-not; clover; much happier-looking shepherd’s purse (it was flowering through the winter but small and stunted);  cranesbill; honesty and foxgloves not quite flowering yet; some sort of mustard and a brassica and more.  The horse chestnut flowers are particularly beautiful at the moment, but I wasn’t able to get a photo as they were trees passed whilst travelling on the bus and in the car.

We headed for the woods for some respite from the wind and rain, but as the weather worsened had to make a bid for home (Ted had appeared in just a hoodie after I’d got to the fields – I think he’d escaped through the door before J had seen his lack of raincoat).  There’s a famous saying that goes, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.” It’s right. A bigger, warmer, waterproof coat would’ve made a difference!

Here’s hoping the weather brightens tomorrow!



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