March & April Gardening

Nesting manifested more as sowing seeds than cleaning and was certainly more manageable for me to achieve than mass amounts of cleaning and tidying (J brought in compost and pots and I was able to sit at the dining room table and sow seeds).  I still wasn’t able to do much though (being already prone to anaemia, the tiredness meant that I mostly just wanted to sleep).

There have been a few gardening surprises. The peppers sown last year are STILL flowering and fruiting!  They look rather sparse for the most part, but are sprouting new leaves and fresh growth.  I continue to be rather perplexed by them, but can’t complain that they’re still going!  The peppers are rather small, though.

There was also a tomato surprise. Having sown more than a few tomatoes, with some already coming into flower towards the end of April, we had a number of seedlings come up in a tray of salad, which I duly rescued and potted on.  I have a feeling that the tray was a mix of our own compost plus some soil from outside (from where we had grown some tomatoes in the ground last year) which would explain the sudden appearance of tomatoes amongst the lettuce sown.

With these and the other tomatoes that had been purposefully sown, the tomato plant tally came to 56, although some of the seedlings haven’t done well – I think they’ve suffered with the fluctuating temperature in the conservatory and lack of proper care due to me struggling a bit with basic things like walking and forgetting to remind other people to water them.  I think the best thing will be to cull the obviously poorly ones (sadly mostly the Black Cherry variety that I was so keen to grow.  We’ve sown four varieties this year:

  • Alicante (left over from a seed packet Nin was given last year)
  • Black Cherry (sadly these aren’t doing as well as I hoped, so we’ve only got a few decent seedlings)
  • Latah (a bush variety)
  • Mirabelle (all doing pretty well)

The surprise tomatoes, as you can see from below, are looking good.  I hope they’re cordons, because I’m going to treat them as such.


Aside from the tomatoes, the following were also sown over the past few months

  • Basil “Purple Ruffles”
  • Basil “Sweet Genovese”
  • Chives, thick leaves (Nin wrote these notes, not sure on this one!)
  • Coriander “Cadiz”
  • 3 Courgette “Black Beauty”
  • 4 Cucamelon
  • Curly Kale
  • 12 French beans “Borlotto LIngua di Fuoco”
  • 4 Lovage
  • Parsley, curled
  • 2 Pumpkin “Hundredweight”
  • 6 Sweet peppers “Corno del Torro”
  • Mustard “Red Zest” (very pretty looking purple-leaved mustard)

Now hopefully we can get the outside space finally ready to plant some of the resultant plants in!


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