12 Months of Nature :: End of February 2015


There aren’t many photos for the past couple of weeks. I was ill during the third week so spent much of it on the sofa feeling sorry for myself, rather than getting outside.  Still, towards the end of the third week we managed to get out and I took a few pics.

The crocus and periwinkle are from this past week, the first we’ve seen of the year.  The snowdrops are still out in force and there’s some shepherd’s purse flowering. There are plenty of green shoots promising more flowers to come.  We have seen the buzzards a few more times – once literally low over our heads, so I think we surprised it – but I just haven’t been able to get a decent photo.  I think they must be nesting fairly close as they’ve become a very regular sight.   We’ve seen great tits and blue tits and all the usual blackbirds, sparrow and robins, plus something that was pinkish and very pretty, but couldn’t get a good enough look at it to identify.

As Spring progresses, everything seems to speed up and you begin to see more and more green, it’s very cheering


4 thoughts on “12 Months of Nature :: End of February 2015

  1. sustainablemum says:

    Sorry to hear you have not been well I hope you are feeling better now? It has not really been the weather for photos my way, I have hardly any photos from Feb. Intrigued by the bird you have yet to identify, it is always exciting when you spot a ‘new’ bird, well to me it is…….


  2. Barnata says:

    First day of Match and thereate signs of spring – I heard frogs in my pond yesterday for the first time this year. A very welcome croaking.


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