52 Weeks of Nature :: Second Week of February

We walk in the woods across the road at least weekly, although we sometimes vary the path through.  Getting out and about in the countryside around us is a very important part of our home education experience and we try to keep an eye open to spot new and interesting things and to learn a little about what we find on our walks.

There follows a series of photos are mostly taken by Nin – as she got off the path and went into the undergrowth.  Some photos may have a caption if you scroll over them.


Heart-shaped fungus

A heart-shaped fungus for Valentine’s Day


Strangely this tree has a screw in it!

Silver birch lips

She found lips on a silver birch

Pine cone

Sometimes it’s fun to explore off the usual path and see what you find!

At the edge of the woods we were surprised by a shriek and looked up to see the underside of two buzzards – really very close!  However, we couldn’t get the camera out quick enough to take a photo of them before they’d wheeled much further away.  We also managed to snap a nosey blackbird – keeping an eye on us from the bare trees.

Also this week we were treated to a sparrowhawk sitting on our the back fence of our garden – but again, before we could get back with a camera it had flown off!


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