Home Education 2015 :: Week 7(ish)


It was one of the local group’s birthday last week and their mum very kindly set up a workshop at The Yorkshire Wildlife Park as a means of celebration (in true home ed style 😉 )


Giant African Land Snail

We all had good fun learning about some of the animals at the park, plus the opportunity to handle some of the more friendly animals.  Stinker’s expression is the one she wore for much of the talk – she was not very impressed and most certainly did not want to touch anything (save for a tiger’s tooth and she was a little skeptical about that).  Nin, of course, handled everything with great zeal.

addax horn

Addax horn

Hissing Cockroach

Hissing Cockroach

Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon

Then it was off for a spot of mad racing around in the play area (including how many children can you fit on a swing – the very blurry action shot is below).


And I took Stinkers for a quick walk around the park whilst the older children were on the large slides (there’s a minimum height restriction that Stinkers doesn’t meet, so we needed to find something else to do).  It was a chilly day and many of the animals were hiding inside.  There are a couple of brave meerkats below, though.


Spot the meerkats

We’ve also had the usual Foreign Language practice – although Nin has been mostly focusing on French and I’m hoping for a bit of a scale back as it’s been really hard keep up with three languages (as it’s not as if I have plenty of other things to do as well!)  And some maths and miscellaneous other bits and pieces (this week has been busy and I don’t always note things down).

For information about some of the programs we use weekly, please visit: On Planning, Record Keeping and Time Tables.

Nature is also an important part of our learning journey and we document what we can under: 52 Weeks of Nature.


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