Winter knitting


I haven’t posted up much in the way of knitting recently, but it doesn’t mean that knitting hasn’t happened.   A hat and mittens for Minnie and a Sea Urchin beret (Ravelry link) for me  (made as part of the TEND magazine knitalong) – although I’ve worn it every day since finishing it quite a while ago, so it’s not looking at its most pristine any more!


Having been steading running out of the colours I needed to do a reasonable (if not planned) repeat on the granny square blanket, the remaining skeins and bits and pieces have been used to crochet bunting destined to be hung in the garden when the weather gets better.  Steadily I ran out of colours to make each of the triangles five rows and now any remaining scraps are going to make a mini blanket for tucking up Minnie’s dolls in their pram.


All ready for moving onto to baby knitting for no 6 – just a couple of months to go!

Joining in with Frontier Dreams’ Keep Calm and Craft On!

13 thoughts on “Winter knitting

    • idesgarden says:

      The yarn was given to me by a friend, so I just used what I was given! I forgot to take photos of the hats and mittens when they were freshly knit, so they’re showing signs of wear now (having been worn every day) – still, at least they’re well used 🙂


    • idesgarden says:

      Thank you. I think green suits her. Her granny bought her the dark green floral sprigged coat, so I thought a lighter green would work well. She’s not a very ‘pink’ little girl, if that makes sense, more greens and blues and browns 🙂


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