52 Weeks of Nature :: January 2015

It’s been a rather grey month, with showers of snow (that usually don’t settle here).  Everything is “first of the year”, this month, the above birds being at Lakeside in Doncaster.  I was rather excited to see cormorants, it’s been a while since we’ve been and this is the first time I’ve seen them there.

We recently ordered a free Seasons Poster inspired by the BBC series The Great British Year (in partnership with Ispot): http://www.open.edu/openlearn/nature-environment/natural-history/order-your-free-seasons-poster-take-you-through-the-great-british-year and have begun spotting things on it.  Our first spots listed on the poster (for the month of January) are a Greylag Goose and a snowdrop.  Still to find are jellyear fungus and ash keys (not sure how we haven’t seen the latter, but there don’t seem to be any that I’ve noticed around here!)


We may have seen some blossom on the trees and our first snowdrop, but the end of January brought snow (although not much by many people’s standards – we’re in a valley and typically don’t get much where Sheffield can be snowed under!)




So a quiet start to the year. We’re not getting out as much due to lack of warm clothing that covers me (not much fun being out in the wet and snow when you haven’t got a coat you can do up!) Hopefully as the weather warms we’ll be able to get out more.


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