Slow Living :: October and November 2014

Doubling up on the months as I’ve been in a bit of a fug – the turn of the weather has caused me to hunker down and retreat somewhat.

Thanks to TEND magazine I learnt that when Americans say apple cider they actually mean apple juice.  I have no idea why this little snippet of information had eluded me for so long, after all I’ve read the Little House on the Prairie series of books enough times and noted they drank cider in that and did think it was a bit strange bearing in mind their attitude to alcohol, but for some reason the penny never dropped.  Anyway the reason for this revelation was the recipe in the Autumn edition for Apple Chicken (which was so delicious we made it twice – the second time as a request of Moo’s birthday dinner).

‘Tis the season for making woolly warm things.  As soon as there’s a nip in the air, I seem to reach for a hook or knitting needles.  I’ve been busy crocheting a ripple blanket and have also been working on the Sea Urchin hat as part of the TEND magazine KAL, plus some mittens for Minnie (who also needs a hat which I hope to cast on this evening) as she’s not particularly fond of her brother’s balaclava (which is too small for him, but a perfect fit for her).



This is her, “Seriously, mummy, I want my own hat knitted especially for me,” face.  AKA “I’m not best impressed with this malarkey and I’m only tolerating it because it’s cold…”

I’ve not posted much about gardening over the past year, mostly this has been because I haven’t been able to as we were taking part in a TV series for BBC Two: Big Dreams, Small Spaces and weren’t able to discuss what we were doing.  It has finally aired (a few weeks ago) and I’m now free to post up some photos of the past year of gardening (which I will hopefully do so in the next post or so). It’s been rather quiet on the physically gardening front these past few months – partly due to trying to get various bits done on the house, but also because I’ve not been 100%.  The tomatoes have now all gone over and been pulled out and composted, as have the cucumbers.  The peppers in the conservatory are still going strong, however, and reddening on the plant as I type.


I had a cake accident and we had to go out and buy emergency cake!

We celebrated two birthdays this month, my eldest son’s and Moo’s.  I didn’t get a decent photo of R blowing his candles out, but at least his cake was homemade.  Moo’s met with an ‘unfortunate accident’ (it fell to pieces *sob*) and we ended up having an emergency run to the shop for a substitute, because there just wasn’t the time to make another.

Wholesome home-cooking fail! (Although the main course itself was lovely).


4 thoughts on “Slow Living :: October and November 2014

    • Ida Brown says:

      I’ve enjoyed the issues so far and have taken part in the KAL (for which I still need to post finished pics, it’s been so grey here!). I have been doing some admin work for them as I’m friends with the editor (so there is some bias) but there’s some lovely ideas in there and it’s good to support people who I know share similar values to me 🙂


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