Home Ed October and November 2014

Hanging out with home ed friends on a bowling trip.


There’s always so much to learn.  We’ve been busy doing some work on the house (decorating, etc) and have been building quite a bit of flat pack furniture – these sorts of life skills are full of learning opportunities for children, from basic motor skills practice for the very young, to calculating the amount of paint needed to cover the walls of a room (for those who can do more than count to 10).

A couple of music groups are currently running at The Point (organised by Doncaster Music Education Hub and funded by DMBC) for local home educators and we have been joining in with percussion sessions and Nin has been attending guitar lessons.  Stinkers tries very hard to join in (although sometimes we have to go and have an apple juice in the cafe when recording is taking place).

Ted also found an juvenile hedgehog, which we brought in to weigh.  It was underweight and therefore we phoned The British Hedgehog Preservation Society for advice.


Not quite as much getting out and about with the weather – Nin needed new walking boots and me a coat (you can’t go traipsing out and about in the woods, etc, without decent boots), so things had to wait a little – although I have to admit the rain and cold has been a factor too.

The field of sweetcorn/maize that had grown so high has been harvested and the field looks so bare now.



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