Slow Living :: September 2014


September is certainly the month for preserving.  My little dehydrator has been doing overtime, drying tomatoes, beetroot, courgettes and more fruit and vegetables to be stored for use over the winter.  I’ve also been drying calendula to make a soothing oil for skin and various herbs.

Having a little stock of crochet motifs handy is useful for patching trousers when children tear them in rollerskating accidents.  We’ve also been drawing and painting inspired by the colours of autumn.

3 thoughts on “Slow Living :: September 2014

    • Ida Brown says:

      Hi! I have a basic one by Andrew James which my mum bought me to see how I’d get on with it (pointless spending lots of money if you then don’t use it much). It’s been great and, if anything, I could probably do with a bigger, more square one (although where I’d keep it?!) as that would make things like fruit leathers easier.


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