52 Weeks of Nature: The end of July in France

Still on catch up with the photos from France and holidays bring plenty of opportunities to learn new things!  Here are a collection of various pics taken of wildlife and plants in the last week of July.


A little wall lizard


Palm moth in Sorede


A frog at La Vallee des Tortues



A very large ant moving a fragment of a nut at La Vallee des Tortues


Land Caddis Fly at Les Paulliles


Grasshopper at Les Paulliles


Juvenile seagulls having a quick take-out on the beach at St Cyprien


A distant heron on the lagoon at St Cyprien


An egret (again from a distance – I only have my phone to take pictures on and it can be challenging at these distances!)


The following were also all taken at St Cyprien, but I haven’t got around to identifying any of them yet.


With thanks, as ever, to the members of For the Love of Nature on Facebook, who helped identify some of the photos here.  If you know what any of the unidentified plants are, I’d really appreciate you helping!


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