Chateau de Valmy

Whilst staying in Sorède recently, we visited the lovely grounds of Château de Valmy in Argelès-sur-Mer.


There were some beautiful views towards the mediterranean sea from the front of the château and the grounds had so many promising places to explore.






chateau_valmy_4 chateau_valmy_2


Where do these stairs lead to? I didn’t get the chance to find out as we had to move towards the falconry display that was starting imminently.


There were some very beautiful birds on display. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted many of my photos from the event (which was a shame as there was a fantastic Egyptian vulture, who really was my favourite of all the birds there!)

There were still some different vultures to come though…



Having a very large vulture hop less than a few feet from you is rather disconcerting – even more so when this is towards your two year old daughter (who was far smaller!)  I think health and safety might have a slight melt down if this happened here!

There was also a small farmyard. Nin particularly like the donkeys:


And we also took some time to play in the little woodland park there:

All in all it made for a very pleasant few hours – although I would still like to know what’s up those stairs!


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