52 Weeks of Nature: Through July

Still playing catch up on photos (it’s been a busy few weeks since moving), but here’s a few photos from July (not including those taken whilst on holiday in the South of France – to come).


The countryside around here is still new to us (although OH grew up here, so he knows the area fairly well). We’re enjoying exploring our immediate surroundings and identifying the various plants and wildlife we find is an important part of our home education (homeschooling) experience here – there’s little better than getting outside and learning about the things you see directly before you!

If you mouseover the various photos captions will appear for those that have been identified.

Amongst my favourite flowers are the mint family (Lamiaceae).  This month we’ve found two new members of this family that we hadn’t seen/identified before: Common Hempnettle (two photos below)

Common Hempnettle

I love the pattern on the flowers!

Common Hempnettle

And Hedge Woundworth – which apparently doesn’t smell particularly nice if you crush the leaves (we found that afterwards, so are yet to try it):

Hedge Woundwort

Hedge Woundwort

Naturally we saw many other wildflowers, I’d not have hours in the day to blog all the more usual sightings, but one notable one (for us, at least) was the Scarlet Pimpernel as I can’t remember the last time I saw one.  We also saw and specifically identified a Field Forget-me-not (but couldn’t get a decent photo).


Finally, a fuzzy photo of a very angry wren, who flew ahead of us for quite some way, furiously twittering, (probably warning us off!) S/he was very hard to get a photo of.

A massive thank you to the members of ‘For the Love of Nature’ on Facebook, who are always so helpful when I’m struggling to identify something correctly!

Also taking a (very) sporadic part in The Magic Onion’s 52 Weeks of Nature.

52 Weeks in Nature



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