52 Weeks in Nature: Weeks 16 to 21

It’s been difficult to keep up with blogging 52 Weeks in Nature as we’ve moved into a very busy time.  We’re in the process of moving house, and added to being involved with some filming (and commitments to that), plus laptop issues, actually blogging has been quite challenging – erm, busy in that I didn’t even get around to finishing this post before we’d finished filming and moved house and they had internet and phone access issues!  There’s A LOT to catch up on!

However, getting out and about is still an integral part of our home education experience here, and we have still been getting out and about in the local area as much as possible.

As ever, mouseover photos for a caption – if you think we’ve got it wrong, do let us know!

Latter end of April

We solved the mystery of the clover-like leaves: they belong to Spotted Medic (Medicago Arabica)

Three very similar looking plants (with a 4th hiding in the background of the furmitory.

A few more photos from the 16th week of the year.

Moving through the rest of April there was still plenty of blossom to be seen:


I managed to get a photo of a chaffinch (I struggle to get photos of birds – I’m not usually fast enough).


I learnt a new edible during April.  Aside from the cleavers (edible) and sow thistle (also edible, I believe), this copse floor is carpetted with winter purslane (circular with dots of white flowers in the circles) – so rather excited to learn about this salad vegetable.

Into May

The rabbits have been out playing in the fields and we saw this little chap for the first time:



A rather fuzzy photo of a moorhen and her chicks (taken from a bit of a distance)

Naturally I need to catch up on weeks 22 through to present – looks like I’ve got a busy few days of blogging ahead!

Getting out and about in nature is an important part of our home education experience – there’s so much to see and learn, why stay inside?

Joining in with the Magic Onions for 52 Weeks of Nature.

52 Weeks in Nature


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