A Trip Past the Arctic Circle #3

A few more photos from our trip to Tromso, Norway.

We visited Polaria, the Polar museum.  Stinkers was a tad worried by the dancing crabs…


Next to Polaria was a memorial to Helmer Hanssen (polar explorer).

We went out and about, enjoying sitting out in the daytime sun…

We visited the Mack brewery (considered the world’s most Northern brewery) for a spot of history (Norway has a rather complicated relationship with alcohol) and beer tasting, plus a few more in the beer hall (where my grandfather used to drink as a young man).


And, of course, a few more drinks under the midnight sun.


It was really good to catch up with family: my brother lives in the US and we rarely see each other.   It had been more than twenty years since I’d seen some of my other family members (not since I was pregnant with my eldest son and, with others, years before that!)

The midnight sun was a strange experience and the scenery very beautiful, but, after a rather eventful journey – involving delays, changing flights and an overnight hotel stay when I missed the last train out of Gatwick with the next one not due until 4.30am – I was very pleased (and at that point, a little relieved) to be back home again!


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