A Trip Past the Arctic Circle #2

Our visit corresponded with Stinker’s (and my brother’s) birthdays (both on the same day) and we travelled up Fjellheisen (a mountain overlooking Tromsø) to celebrate and enjoy the midnight sun.



One of the first things to greet us on arrival at the lodge at the end of the cable car run, was a stuffed lynx.  Stinkers really wasn’t very sure about this…


The view from Fjellheisen is beautiful and we spent a little time outside before retreating inside for coffee and waffles whilst we awaited the midnight sun.

The staff found out that it was Stinker’s birthday and they kindly appeared with a slice of cake and a song for her (we were sworn to secrecy regarding my brother).


Enjoying cake and icecream at 23.17


Watching the post boat head south



We headed outside to see the midnight sun


23.23 – almost the midnight sun




0.00 – the midnight sun – so very beautiful!


The obligatory Tromsø tourist selfie on Fjellheisen, under the midnight sun

What a wonderful way to spend a 2nd (and 35th) birthday!


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