A trip past the Arctic circle #1


Towards the end of June, Stinkers and I had the opportunity to attend a family reunion in Tromsø, Norway (my mother’s family hail from very northern Norway).  Tromsø is 350km past the Arctic circle and the further north I’ve ever been (most of my family having either moved further south or outside of Norway) and also my first time on a plane for just over 16 years.

Also exciting is that it is the land of the midnight sun and for the duration of my five day visit, the sun didn’t set (and as I write this, won’t for a little while yet).

The following post will be rather heavy on the pics of mountains front…

It was rather exciting to once more fly over the Norwegian coastline, fjords and mountains (it’s been a while!)

The view from the bus just as we left the airport to head into the city centre (this involved a network of tunnels and, whilst I’ve been in some long tunnels under mountains, this is the first time I’ve seen multiple roundabouts underground).

View over water from just outside the airport

The reunion was held in a lodge, formally a factory built by a family member, a little outside of the centre.  A few of us walked up.



On the way up we stopped at a graveyard to visit at some family member’s graves.  The church was beautiful.


Camilla is my great grandmother.  As you can see above, some of the graves also listed the profession of those interred below and it was fascinating to wander around, reading the stones.  We also saw the grave of Helmer Hanssen (polar explorer, accompanied Amundsen on a number of expeditions, including to the South Pole, becoming one of the first people to go there).

We met up with family members from across Norway and the USA.


Me, my mother and great uncle Leif, one of Camilla’s sons (who organised the reunion)


Anna enjoying a traditional meal of meatballs, new potatoes and vegetables

It was so very lovely to not only have the opportunity to meet up with family members who I hadn’t seen for quite some time, but also to meet other family members for the first time.  I’m hoping to get a group photo (one was taken) soon and hope to post that when it comes through.


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