52 Weeks in Nature: Week 15


We hadn’t been down to the duck pond for a little while, so we thought we’d have a wander and see if we could find some peacocks.  Although we could hear them, there weren’t any peacocks to be seen, but the village ducks were about.



Stinkers was a little too enthusiastic about the ducks, so we had to scoop her up to stop her from worrying them.

(If you mouseover the photos – some have captions).  We found a clutch of eggs under netting (part of the side of the duck pond has netting to offer some protection (I imagine) to the nesting birds.  I also managed to get a photo of a couple of goldfinches (it’s rare I manage to snap a photo of anything other than larger birds).


We walked round to the cemetery and I was rather excited to see the first green alkanet of the year – I really love the blue of these flowers.   Parts of the cemetery are preserved as meadow and the church has received recognition for its work in created a sanctuary for wildlife.

Not sure on these two – they’re on the tip of my tongue. Thanks to Nick on the “For the Love of Nature” facebook group who let me know that these are honesty – and now that’s been pointed out I remember 🙂

These two are interesting – one the flower of a grass. The yellow: I have no idea!

Various named flowers – the tenacity of some plants growing from cracks in the ground and walls, never ceases to amaze me.  The white dead nettle was particularly impressive as there was so much of it growing out of a crack in the cemetery wall.

We saw quite a few fungi (more than is pictured here – due to fuzzy pictures).  It was surprising just how many were out there.

We found a variety of speedwell (as yet to be properly identified).  The 4th is likely just a lighter version of the 3rd, but the 1st two are very different (the second being tiny).

There’s so much blossom on the trees at the moment, far more than the few pictures here.  I tried to get a photo of a very dark blossom, but it was just too fuzzy (and I was trying to focus whilst holding the dog on a lead). The blossom on the left may be quince or medlar – as I know where this tree is, I may have to go back later in the year to see if Nick’s guess is correct.

Flowering spring trees

Joining in with The Magic Onions 52 Weeks of Nature.

52 Weeks in Nature


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