52 Weeks in Nature: Week 14

A bit slow on getting organised enough to post, so rather late posting week 14.


The first ‘first sighting’ of the month we came across was ragwort – growing on the verge outside the local pub.


We’ve had such a mild winter that calendula has bloomed pretty much all the way through it.

Hedge mustard

Following on in the yellow/orange category is hedge mustard, growing at the side of the local skate park (amongst dead nettles, shepherd’s purse, ribwort plaintain and plenty of others!)

Flowering currant

There are more and more pink flowers to be seen, from this flowering currant…

Crane's bill

Plenty of Crane’s bill and, growing amongst it, the similar Stork’s bill (first sighting of the year for this one too).

Stork's bill

FumitoryThis fumitory (another first sighting for the year) was also growing amongst the various crane’s and stork’s bill (plus plenty of speedwell, photos of which we took the next week).

Red dead nettleRed dead nettle carpets the ‘wild ground’ around here.  Interspersed with henbit (which is very similar).

Possibly a sorrel? The heart-shaped pattern is so pretty

I’m not sure what this is, possibly a sorrel? The heart-shaped pattern is so pretty and it carpets one edge of the playing fields.

I'm thinking clover - I loved the variegated pattern on these

I’m thinking clover – I loved the variegated pattern on these – the closer I look at the various tri-leaved plants, growing so close to the ground, the more I see such a variety amongst them.

Grape hyacinth

And the colour blue isn’t to be out-done. There are grape hyacinth a-plenty, plus a surprise (for me at least): bluebells.  I thought they flowered later, but clearly I was wrong.


It seems almost as if every time I blink I see another ‘first-sighting’ of the year! As I write, I already have week 15’s photos to edit and there are so many more to come (I’m so very excited!)

Joining in with the Magic Onions for 52 Weeks in Nature.

52 Weeks in Nature


2 thoughts on “52 Weeks in Nature: Week 14

  1. Sibyl says:

    What a lovely trip through our wild flowers. I was looking for the one that seems to be taking over our garden and I think it is red dead nettle. I never knew it came in red! Have you ever tried sucking the nectar out of the flowers? Funny enough my post this week is about noticing wild flowers too but I became obsessed with dandelions!


    • NinnyNoodleNoo says:

      I took so many today, my poor phone gave up – so exciting!

      I’ve never tried sucking the nectar out. I’ve eaten various flowers, but not tried sucking them, although I’ve heard clover is sweet (for example).

      I do like dandelions, but one of my favourites are daisies – so often overlooked, but when you really get down to look at them they are absolutely amazing flowers, as essentially what we think of as ‘one’ flower is actually a collection of many grouped together – just incredible!


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