52 Weeks in Nature: Week 11

We’re still enjoying some lovely sunshine and the warming days are noticeable (although the temperature drops to a chill in the early evening).  We live very close to what I would call a copse of pines (the children will tell you otherwise – to them they are woods).  The copse is home to a rather large group of crows who tend to wheel about with menace above (quite possible due to the busy road that runs alongside and its potential for a carrion meal).

walking amongst pinespines_2If you follow the trail through the pines you come out onto fields, that are low-lying and often flooded (it was a bit squelchy underfoot).

fieldfurry_thistleWe found a very furry thistle (for which I have to look up the specifics, because I’ve not noticed one like this before) and a very dry teasel which made a natural rattle (which was the cause of some entertainment):


There is blossom on some trees here and magnolias are flowering (although ours isn’t quite yet).  We’ve also seen our first tulip and the road verges are scattered white with flowering whitlow grass, chickweed and dead nettle (with spashes of purple from other dead nettles and blue from speedwell).  Colour is now returning in full force to our little corner of Yorkshire and it couldn’t be more welcome!

Joining in with The Magic Onions for 52 Weeks of Nature . It would be wonderful to see a little something of what is happening in nature in your part of the world – please either join in with The Magic Onions or leave a link in the comments here for us to see!

52 Weeks in Nature


2 thoughts on “52 Weeks in Nature: Week 11

  1. NinnyNoodleNoo says:

    It is! I need to identify what the ground cover is in the first picture under the pines as that isn’t grass, it’s thousands (millions) of leaves spreading over the ground. It starts off as grass, becomes the leaf cover and then reverts to grass closer to the field, but the field (which is flooded quite a bit) was more sparse and yellow. I think one of the things that makes England so beautiful is the green – I’ve really noticed the contrast when visiting some other countries (and counties, for that matter).


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