52 Weeks of Nature: Week 10


A few photos from this week in nature from South Yorkshire, England where we’ve had some beautiful sunshine and blue skies – just the weather for a walk at Sandall Beat Woods.




Nin spotted the buzzard up in the trees (it is actually just a speck in the photo above this one).  It seemed to pause, re-arrange itself a bit before taking off and soaring up into the air, to be joined by a second bird (very hard to get a decent picture on my phone!) We spent some time enjoying watching them wheel and swoop above our heads.


View across to the hill

The building above is an old waterworks (from what we can make out on the sandstone plaque above the arched open doorway) – it was rather messy inside, which is a shame as it’s rather a pretty building (even if it was, in its time, for very utilitarian purposes).


One thing I have really noticed of late is how the young branches of silver birch tend towards pinky-red – I really love the colour of them and spent some time just standing enjoying the view whilst the others explored.




Nin spent much of the time haring around with Jess.  Jess wears a muzzle when she’s off-lead because, although she’s very friendly to people and dogs, she has a lurcher’s inate tendency to chase and isn’t safe around small furry animals, so for the sake of the wildlife (and she scared a fair few squirrels), she wears a racing muzzle.  Unfortunately this means I don’t often get a decent photo of any wildlife (because anything with half a sense is gone the minute it senses her, although she’s not bothered about birds, but they are bothered by thundering small children!)



Nin really enjoyed chasing around after Jess, though, the two are rather good at tiring each other out!  There’s something very special about the relationship between a child and their dog!



 Spot the child…

It’s good to go a little bit wild in the woods – now the weather is getting better, hopefully we’ll be able to get there more often.

Joining in with The Magic Onions for 52 Weeks of Nature

52 Weeks in Nature


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