A weekend in Warwickshire

It’s been a busy week so I’m only just getting round to catching up with posting a few pics from our visit down to my father and step-mother last weekend.

They live not far from Stratford-Upon-Avon and we had a little trip out. As you can see, the Avon had flooded quite a bit (apparently it was higher than this just before we went down) as England has been hit with quite some rain and flooding recently. The little bandstand was surrounded by water and the small building in the photo with the swans is a boating rental place – so would normally have a path leading up to it (all under water).

We also took a trip out to Hatton Country World and Nin had the opportunity to hug a goat and hold a guinea pig.  The place was essentially a series of various playgrounds, so Ted was in his element haring about (as it was fairly quiet due to it being a rather cold February day).  There were some beautiful birds of prey (but most were in aviaries so hard to get a photo of).

Memorial in Solihull

Memorial in Solihull

We also went for a late lunch in Solihull and I took a walk through Brueton Park (which was a bit strange as I haven’t been there since I was a teenager – when I used to quite often go after school).  It was a bit of a wet, windy day, but a rainbow came out as we got into Solihull town centre and met up with one of my elder sons (who lives in Birmingham) and another now quite elderly family member (my grandfather’s cousin) who also joined us for lunch.


And, of course, it was good to spend some time just simply being together.


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