Weekly Meals FAQ – old

I thought I would add this handy FAQ/notes on the Weekly Meals rather than have to keep typing out loads of notes regarding various repetitive elements (such as how many people the meals are usually for; where eggs are coming from; etc).

The first post in the series is here: Food Budget Planning – Backwards – this explains some of my reasons for wanting to record what we spend on food and what we make from what we buy.

The whole series (started on 28th January 2014) can be found under the category: Weekly Meals

  1. There are currently 5 of us – 2 adults, 2 children and 1 infant (ie under 2)
  2. Our food week starts on a Tuesday because Riverford Organic Farms deliver in this area on a Tuesday (and we base our meals around the veg box we get from them)
  3. I’ve started off with some food already in the cupboard and freezer, so the costs in the first post don’t take that into account – I expect as the months go by things will even out (if followed through for a year).
  4. We endeavour to buy organic where possible – hopefully our ability to do this will improve with time (including me getting more organised in ordering things online if needed).
  5. We’re converting our back garden into being entirely edible/medicinal, so hopefully as the year progresses we’ll be getting food from there too.
  6. We have chickens and ducks – so where eggs ‘appear’ that’s where they’re from, we usually don’t have to buy them (although every-so-often we do).
  7. I am trying to transition towards GAPS (full diet, not intro yet as I’m still breastfeeding)
  8. I am not insisting that my partner or children transition to GAPS . I honestly don’t know if we can afford to make enough food for everyone else without these sorts of ‘fillers’ (and am, naturally, concerned about cutting out these sources of carbs for very active children).  However, hopefully this is something I can learn more about as I go along (and see how the cost of things progresses). In the meantime I will continue to bake bread for them and serve meals with accompanying grains, potatoes (etc). However, where you see these latter food stuffs, you can assume I won’t be eating them.

Chances are I will add to these FAQs as time goes on. If there’s anything you’d like clarified, please ask in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer.


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