Meal re-cap for last week {2}

A couple of weeks ago I started paying more attention to what we are spending on our food and how we are eating it.  Although I’ve meal-planned in the past, it doesn’t really last long, so I thought it would instead be more useful to record meals over the year to see how much we’re spending.  In addition, as we get a weekly veg box, I thought it might be of some interest for people to see what a family (of 5) makes out of one.  I am transitioning to GAPS but the meals listed won’t be strictly GAPS, please see the link to the FAQ for why.

A quick edit to the notes here, which I have decided to list under Weekly Meals FAQ.

Bacon, mushroom and cheese frittata

Bacon, mushroom and cheese frittata

Riverford Organic Farms:

  • Whole milk 2l (£1.89 each) x 2: £3.78
  • Riverford whole yoghurt 475g: £1.59
  • Yeo Valley Fruity Favourites yoghurts (4 x 120g £1.75) x3: £5.25
  • Laverstoke park buffalo mozzarella (5 x 25g): £2.99
  • Greens of Glastonbury double gloucester 300g: £2.99
  • Parmesan 200g: £6.25
  • Carrots 5kgy: £5.65
  • Mushrooms UK 200g: £1.45
  • Mixed peppers x3: £3.05
  • Potatoes UK 2kg: £2.75
  • Avocados x4: £5.15
  • Tomatoes 750g: 3.45
  • Lemons x2: 0.99
  • Pears 750g: £2.95

Total: £49.79


  • Wholegrain Flour (Dove’s Farm organic – £1.75 each) x2: £3.50


  • Spent about £7.00 at the deli buying parma ham, blue cheese and a pack of Fig and Quinoa cookies.

Total for the week: £60.25

So far, averaged out, the cost per week is: £76.84

What we ate


  • Breakfast: Fried egg on toast
  • Packed Lunch: Tuna pasta salad, yoghurt and fruit
  • Lunch: Parma ham, eggs and tomato
  • Dinner: Sausage casserole with mashed swede & potato plus kale

NB: made a mushroom and olive polenta pizza in the evening for next day’s packed lunch.


  • Breakfast: Porridge
  • Packed Lunch: Polenta pizza, yoghurt and fruit
  • Lunch: Polenta Pizza (although I also had a couple of slices of gluten free bread with some cheese when I was at a friend’s).
  • Dinner: Sweet potato and green bean curry with cauliflower ‘rice’.

NB: Porridge was pre-soaked using whey from the mozzarella for the polenta pizza


  • Breakfast: Porridge
  • Packed Lunch: Polenta pizza, yoghurt and fruit
  • Lunch:  Erm – is it really bad that I’ve completely forgotten (usually I write this day-by-day, but was distracted with a few things that needed doing so didn’t write down Thursday and didn’t get on a computer from Friday morning until Monday).
  • Dinner: Bacon, mushroom and cheese frittata with cubed roast potatoes and kale.


  • Breakfast: Porridge
  • Packed Lunch: Left-over frittata with salad, yoghurt and fruit
  • Lunch:  Left-over frittata- J and Stinkers had bread with their’s.
  • Dinner: Out

Weekend: We were staying with family from Friday evening until Sunday evening and this didn’t incur any expenditure on our food budget.


  • Breakfast: Yoghurt
  • Packed Lunch: Pasta Salad and yoghurt
  • Lunch: Pasta salad for everyone but me, I had a couple of eggs and tomato.
  • Dinner: Roast pork with roast potatoes, a bit of mashed swede (we cooked a whole one, as planning to use the rest on Tuesday), carrots and kale.

NB: We ran out of fruit on Friday (after putting the last pieces in with the packed lunch).  

If there is anything you’d like to ask that isn’t covered by the Weekly Meal FAQS, please do so in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer.


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