This week I have been grateful for:

  • a friend giving me a lift to a crafting group and a lovely morning spent chatting (without the awful anxiety that often accompanies meeting groups of people)
  • a gift of celeriac, land cress, kale and chrysanthemum – giving me the opportunity to cook with the latter for the first time
  • a gift of poached egg plants and some jasmine to plant – I look forward to seeing them flower
  • my mum sending me some rhus tox and ruta (cream and pillules) to try to combat the tennis elbow (that’s been causing a lot of pain over the past few months) – hoping it helps!
  • my lovely partner having two weeks off so that we can spend some time together – so good that he doesn’t have to get up at awful times in the morning (1 or 2 am) to go to work
  • Freecycle: picking up 2 compost bins and some bricks for the garden and rehoming a broken vacuum cleaner
  • getting into the cupboards and having a good sort and clear out.
  • the lovely weather today – a sniff of spring to come? An Imbolc blessing, perhaps?
  • said lovely partner being able to get lots of work done clearing the rubble, etc, from the back garden and finishing the beds to settle for planting in a few months – the garden is finally starting to look as if it’s going places!

I’ve likely forgotten something and will probably have a light-bulb moment at some silly time of night – but certainly feeling much better than a couple of weeks ago (another reason to be grateful!)  Sometimes I just need a little reminding…

Joining in with Taryn from Wooly Moss Roots for Gratitude*Sunday

Gratitude Sunday


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