UFOs of the yarny kind


There’s more, too, just outside of shot…

In the spirit of getting organised through this New Year (and also because of serious lack of funds for actually buying any new yarn), I’ve been digging out some various unfinished objects (UFOs) that are hanging around the place.  Years ago I was pretty consistent and very little was ever cast aside – if it wasn’t working, I frogged it and that was that.  However, more recent years have seen my energy levels dip quite a bit and I seem to have amassed a small stash of half-finished bits and pieces.

So there’s:

  • a varied stack of granny squares – crocheted at various points whilst working and travelling from A to B (there was quite a bit of travelling around as I worked all over South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw
  • some experimental beaded stars – knitted when developing a decoration from when I took part in a Christmas Decorations project for Living Crafts quick online snipped here: Living Crafts Winter 09/10 (which coincided with my ex husband leaving – so the timing was rather awful!)  The final submitted decorations were beaded on both sides (unlike the ones above, which are either unbeaded or beaded on one side)
  • some white Waldorf Doll Stockings which were actually started for a present for Nin in 2011 – rather big fail on the finishing a present there…
  • a brown horse (hiding under the stockings) which is half-stuffed and just needs finishing with the stuffing and sewing up.
  • various knitted roses and leaves (for brooches)
  • an experimental pink bird that needs a beak, embroidering and its tail sorting.
  • an experimental brown bird: supposed to be a robin – for a decoration – still needing its red breast and embroidery.
  • one of various snowflakes that need blocking and *something* doing with them.

My plan is to steadily work through and get them either finished or frogged.

Some of the granny squares are already being remade into a ripple cushion cover (because, although there’s loads of squares, there wasn’t quite enough that looked ‘right’ together as granny squares to make a cover, or blanket, etc) and I’m hoping the satisfaction of completing something will help bolster my spirits a bit 🙂

Taking part in Frontier Dreams ‘Keep Calm and Craft On’ (although maybe not doing so well on the actual ‘calm’ bit…)


7 thoughts on “UFOs of the yarny kind

    • NinnyNoodleNoo says:

      For quite a while crochet baffled me too – I still don’t quite properly understand some patterns, so have either stuck to small things or crocheting things from my mind 😉 It is, however, a rather good thing to be able to do when you have a grabby toddler (because picking up rows of knitted lace is pretty impossible – crochet, not so bad).


  1. Clare says:

    Good luck with all you’re UFO’s, sounds like a great plan, I’m also trying to resist starting anything new until I finished the WIP’s, thanks for stopping by my blog
    Clare x


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