I find this time of year hard (even without our recent mishaps) and it always seems like the as the year turns over, the waiting before Spring seems to stretch and stretch and it becomes even more important (and valuable) to remind ourselves just how blessed we truly are and every-so-often I need a bit of a nudge to pause, reflect and be thankful.

This week I have been grateful for:

  • the ducks, who despite appearing massively skittish and giddy, stepped into the breach to protect the silkies and appear to have adopted them.
  • sitting with Nin and showing her how to crochet (she’s making a heart bunting for her room).
  • still being able to pick some bits of salad from pots outside.
  • finding the nerve to just get on and phone Environmental Health regarding our roof (which resulted in them calling the landlady and the roof being fixed yesterday – although we need to replace the damaged mattress before we can sleep upstairs again)
  • my friend gifting us a vacuum cleaner to replace our broken one – vacuum cleaners are indeed something to be very grateful for in a house with small children and a dog (and plenty of trips back and forth outside trailing in mud!)
  • the same friend also gifting us a bed for Nin, whose bed was falling apart. She now has a good sturdy one which will hopefully keep her sleeping in comfort for many years to come.
  • and, yet again, the same friend coming over with bags of woodchip to spread over the sodden runs (to help my poor chickens’ feet).
  • the afore-mentioned friend’s mother (there’s a pattern establishing itself here) sending us some fresh vegetables picked from her allotment.
  • The reminder that even when times are tough – I have good friends who I can trust and rely on and sometimes that is all you need to get you over that next rut in the road.

Joining in with Taryn from Wooly Moss Roots for Gratitude*Sunday.

Gratitude Sunday


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