Bad weather and a run of bad luck


Our poor garden has been suffering a bit with the winds – this is a view into next door’s garden from our first bout a little while ago (and that little greenhouse has been moved and moved and we’ve finally given up and started taking it apart as most of the panels are now shattered to pieces and the frame is bent as each fresh battering of winds took it over again and again).

Along with us sleeping downstairs for the past few months due to their being a leak in our bedroom (and the resultant damp has rendered our mattress unusable) which, it turns out, is likely due to problems with the roof/chimney (we’re renting, so it’s a matter for our landlady); the car giving up; the vacuum breaking; the blender breaking; the kettle breaking and the cover for the extractor fan refusing to go back up after I took it down to clean the filters (it looks like a duct tape job) – it just seems to be one thing after another atm.

Thankfully our neighbours offered to go halves with us and have replaced the fence, but we could really do without any more ‘surprises’ like this.


3 thoughts on “Bad weather and a run of bad luck

  1. Lynn Blair says:

    Poor you. You have all my sympathy. Our roof is leaking, we need new central heating and have a bathroom still to fix up. Why does it all happen in January? Time for more chocolate methinks….


    • NinnyNoodleNoo says:

      Unfortunately our roof has been bad since November. I finally cracked an phoned environmental health and the landlady has e-mailed me saying it will be fixed next week (so lets hope so!) I hope you can get your roof and central heating fixed!


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