December Nature Spotting

A quieter month for nature spotting, I’ve missed our regular nature walks, but there’s been some changes here (that I keep meaning to blog about and there is a post in the offing, but I’ve not been quite sure how to put it all into words).  Naturally I’ve been out walking Jess everyday,  but it’s been hard to take photos, not least because it’s hard to wield a camera alongside a pushchair and a dog lead.     However, I’ve been particularly noting plants still flowering at this time of year (although I haven’t photographed all of them) and how long some fruits are lasting on the trees.

There is still a lot to see out there and I hope, in coming days, to also get over to the Humberhead Peatlands for a walk (as it’s been a while) as J has a couple of days off (so I may get to take some photos – although mostly I’m doing so on my phone at the moment.


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